José Raúl Gálvez Castro translator and localization professional

My name is José Raúl Gálvez Castro and I am a translator and localization professional working from English and German into Spanish. After working for various translation agencies and companies, I decided to take a new step in my career: GalcaTrad. I have a degree in Translation and Interpretation from University of Cordoba, and I hold a Master’s program in Translation and New Technologies: Translation of Multimedia Products. Ever since I was a child, I have had a knack for languages and I loved them. The more I learned, the more I liked languages. My other passion was video games. But I never thought that anyone could make a living putting those two passions together. To my surprise, I discovered that there were people who were involved with language and video games at the same time: translators. From then on, I knew what my future profession would be. And that’s what has happened. I am a translator and a localizer. I specialize in localizing websites, software, and video games, and translation of scientific, technical, and legal texts and texts related to technology and the internet. I have also translated four books about anthroposophy.

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